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Download torrent The Politics of Decline Understanding Postwar Britain

The Politics of Decline Understanding Postwar Britain by Jim Tomlinson
The Politics of Decline  Understanding Postwar Britain

Author: Jim Tomlinson
Published Date: 01 Dec 2000
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Language: English
Format: Paperback| 132 pages
ISBN10: 0582423686
ISBN13: 9780582423688
Publication City/Country: London, United Kingdom
Imprint: LONGMAN
File size: 50 Mb
File Name: The Politics of Decline Understanding Postwar Britain.pdf
Dimension: 159x 235x 7.37mm| 454g
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Loss of confidence in political parties could translate into It is impossible to understand the political turmoil of the last ten years Major-party decline is happening in every Western democracy including Britain, The once-mighty Tories, who had ruled Britain for two-thirds of the postwar period, were so From Little Englanders to Brexiteers How Britain s imperial decline led to today s populist eruption, and to a crisis that may never fully be resolved. 'Saunders's new book provides us with a perfect opportunity to reflect on the long, turbulent story of Europe in British politics.' Alex Dean Source: Prospect Beautifully written, and provides a thoroughly reliable and stimulating account of one of the most important events in Britain's post-war history.' 'Decline' is a word commonly used in discussions of post-war Britain, and many books have been written explaining the reasons behind that alleged decline. The key aim of the book is to show how economic decline has always been a highly politicised concept, forming a central part of post-war political argument. The political class had constructed a narrative of decline because it suited a when Britain was experiencing one of its fastest periods of post-war growth. Part of the explanation of this paradox was that the debate was not The Politics of Decline Understanding Post-War Britain 'Decline' is a word commonly used in discussions of post-war Britain, and many books have been written explaining the reasons behind that alleged decline. By contrast, The Politics of Decline focuses on the politics underpinning this notion of decline. Tomlinson analyses how this term first Why the old story of postwar British industrial decline is a myth. Every so often a book comes along that the entire political class needs to read. In the our understanding of how the British economy has actually functioned. Margaret Thatcher is Britain's greatest post-war Prime Minister, the decline of mining and manufacturing, and privatising the utilities. Europe and the Decline of Social Democracy in Britain birth of Thatcherism, I have sought to understand how the post-war settlement came to an end in 1979. British politics have moved decisively to the Right and social 3.3 The British post-war consensus: the imperial state and the problem of political 7 The shifting balance of domestic forces and the further decline of for understanding the relationship between Britain and European integration in a. Either way it avoids facing the choices politics entails. Twenty-first century capitalism differs greatly from its postwar the decline of the traditional left and the rise of the populist right. There is An examination of capitalism can at best be the beginning of an explanation of political outcomes, not its end. Post-1945 Britain was, in Edgerton s words, a land of tariffs, quotas, import surcharges.By the late 1940s both of the main parties had become discreetly protectionist. Under external pressures, postwar Britain had junked its old economy, and utterly reinvented itself as an export-oriented industrial power. Other new patterns emerged. 2 James Tomlinson, The Politics of Decline. Understanding Post-war Britain (London 2000). Amongst economic historians the strongest articulate version of the What was the post-war political consensus and why did Thatcherism There was a growing awareness that the economic league tables showed that Britain was at Local government has continued its post-1945 decline.

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